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Monday, October 19, 2015

Dance: A Gift from the Past and Present to my Girls

 It has been 24 years since the last time I was on stage.  I had a solo performance in a Korean dance called "Dancing in Autumn" last month.  That date was also the celebration of the 20th anniversary of  the Hengda dancing school    It also happened to fall during Louie’s recent month long absence when he traveled to Tibet.   Being a “single” mom (temporarily) with three children, in addition to work, cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring the girls around for after school activities,  it was extra busy with the addition of the group and private lessons.    One might  wonder whey I decided to take the assignment.  It really felt like it was the right and especially appropriately timed opportunity for me.

    You see, it was that 14 years ago when I first learned the same dance. Then, I found that I was pregnant with Selena, our oldest daughter back in early 2002.
 I have always been a big fan of dance, I started to learn dancing when I was six years old.  Dancing had always been in my heart up until I was pregnant with one after another with three of my daughters. Of course I am much older, bigger than when I was practicing rhythm gymnastics in college.  I have  lots of vivid memories of doing both choreography and dancer myself since middle school years.    Taking care of three children, along with practiced and rehearsal again and again was a challenge for my body and time commitment at this age.   

 However, when I was told by  an audience member, they heard a girl said “She is my mom.” at my performance, I knew my girls were really proud of me.  In some ways, this is one of the best moment that this proud mom  could ever have. *******************************************************************************************

Me During College Gymnastics 

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